Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Imagine Your Game:
My game idea is going to be an adventure and strategy because I would like to have ways and techniques of solving and helping oil spills. I'd like to represent this by having different scenerios of how an oil spill could start and end. I would like to incorporate animals and how it effects diffrent regions. Oil spills can really damage ecosystems, food supply, water supply, and habitat supply, So I'd also like to show the areas of damage. I think I would like to display the solutions and different ways people can help. I really want the design to be creative and unique, I want my animations to be realistic and alive and I want my idea to be an idea that people can really understand.

So basically I would like to make my game topic about oceans and coral reefs. I want to have the effects and solutions to oil spills across the world. I tried to make my game idea different and original. I don't think I've ever played any kind of game with the cause and effects of oil spills in the ocean, so I think I picked a good topic.

I'm really excited about learning more about the basic and detailed flash codes and design. I would like to learn how to improve my art skill and ability. I'm also excited about having a team work with me instead of having to work on my own, because as they always say two minds are better than one.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Epic Mickey

Modernly, Fascinating, Colorful re-make of an Epic character

People have clamined they have fogotten about the Mickey they once knew, but know Disney introduces a new generation of old characters. Mickey Mouse as we all know has been a very prominent character in the Disney name.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Valerie F. 13 2010

"Strange Days on Planet Earth"
Part 4
Some people don't care, aren't interested or don't know what they can do to help Global Warming end
70% of Earth's surface is ocean - The Pacific ocean accounts for half of that - (saltwater)
Krill are a type of Plankton (apparently there are like BILLIONS!)
Krill populations is somehow decreasing
 If these tiny organisms where to die out then the whole food web in the ocean could be disrupted
The was a crash of populations in the 80 but in the 90 the populations came back
Scientist believe that the fall and increase in Krill Plankton was caused by temperature shifts in the ocean
There are sudden temperatures that the tides bring to the shore
Could some temperatures rise to the point where some organisms die?
Th Earth's climate is LINKED to every person.... So everything is linked!
A sudden outbreak of asthma and disease in the Caribbean cause people to become very curious and concerned
The diseases that has been effecting the Fan Coral has a link to the sudden outbreak of asthma in the Caribbean

Part 5
Since the Earth has been getting stranger the earth's organisms have also changed jurastically
In Venezuela the animals that used to live in the forest/lake area are suddenly going underwater because the we want more power
Over time we can see hoe much has changed. It really amazing that it changed so FAST
Before the floods and destructive nature that human's happen to have has created horrible things
Although the animals are in great need of help, we are ding what we can to help but what more can we do?
There are som manywant and needs of humnas but have we ever though about the animals want and needs?
Some places still remain untouched and okay but for how long will it last?
There are so many thins in this earth that still remain untouched and pure but we cant destroy that!
The trees aren't producing anymore offspring, what's wrong with them?
The way some people do things effect the other so, it weighs out it self basically
Coral reef are dying out in because of a shabby layer of algae
Scientist Pauly is now trying to compare and contrast the differences between the pas t reefs and the ones Now.
A lot of action is being taken to try and bring back some fish, such as reserves and less fishing
“Once we asked can we live with them, but now the question is can we live without them?
“ We are indecisive”

Part 6
Sign all throughout our generation may be indicators that something is wrong
Some animals may be able to help us see what's happening
at least 20 species of frogs worldwide have disappeared
some frogs are being born with both male and female parts resulting in deformities and sicknesses
They have figured out that atrozine is causing the deformities
Tiny doses of atrozine can cause deformities but Scientist Hays figured out that larger doses can be less harmful
Even though frogs, being harmed doesn't sound like much, we are drinking the same water
Hays is finding things wrong with marsh's again consider this: water doesn't always stay put
Pods and pods of Beluga Whales have been found in St.Lawrence river in Canada
The fact is they have some many chemicals in their bodies that they are considered chemicals themselves
Scientist have discovered that some types of water contain various things to make people very sick
many things are triggering a chain of events that always lead to us
Chemicla fertilizers eventually end up in our water or other species water
Scientists have discovered that Marin life has contaminated tissue and flesh

The Change is definitely coming, are you ready?

Friday, November 12, 2010

Valerie F. 13 2010

Strange Days on planet Earth

Part 1
Animals ( aliens in weird areas)
inhabiting different ares, taking up resources, spreading disease, populating areas
people discovering and fascinated by the spreading of animals
Termites are a big big BIG problem in New Orleans
It has such a large amount of food, climate, and living space to survive
Many aliens not only termites disturbed and destroyed cities, homes, stores, and with an increasing problem could damage our bodies
Strange Days part 2

Many things like dirty water contaminated animals can cause serious problems with ones body
aliens(foreign) species of organisms if there are not well handled they can cause bad impacts on many people and chains
some other aliens species can help decrease or increase a certain thing but most times things take turns fr the worst
constructive destruction ( bad in a good way )
people "steal" plants from someplace other
Some plants can harm other species and us!
Plants can easily spread by anything really. Even the smallest seed can turn a whole Eco system upside down! Unbelievable what plants and animals do to survive, huh?
Many people around the World are doing what they can to stop the spread of alien species and such\

Part 3
In some ships that are used to trade there are new species that are seeking a new home
99 percent of the organisms at the San Fransico bay are not native
We might even be destroying our planet

The One Degree Factor
The temperature has increased 1 degree in the last century
Twice a year humans and Caribou meet in the middle to be hunted and since the climate is warmer the mosquitos are bothering them more then ever
People are now trying to help the caribou
People all view the Global Warming problem in various ways. Some don't care, some think of it as a small problem, some people think of it as a small problem and some don't know what they can do since it is considered a global problem.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Valerie F. 12 2010

     The Age of Stupid is a documentary type film about what has happened to the Earth over the past few years. Like melting glaciers and mountains, increases of temperatures, decrease of temperatures, odd climates, sunnier summers, colder winters, etc.
     So far it has had a lot of interesting facts and predictions, that not all people would have concluded. I mean everyone is entitled to their own opinion, right?
     Overall, are planet is changing rapidly. The things we are doing everyday is changing the way of life. All the gases and harmful toxins that we release each day may result in a disaster.
     'The Age of Stupid" interviews people from various points of view. All the people have a general idea of what is to come in the future. With different things happening in different areas, everyone knows that something is really wrong here. Many people in this century have learned that in order to get something done right, have to think. Think about who and what your plan will impact. Will it help of hurt. Everyone here, no, this very moment has the ability to do anything. To learn, to help, to believe.
     It's really interesting is how FAST this planet is changing! Some people are actually just trying their best to IGNORE it, which obviously Isn't working!
     Things that we do everyday to help can change. Things that began will end. Things that matter will dissolve. Anyway or anywhere you go may change, because everything changes.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Valerie F. 11 2010

     My name is Valerie and I am a 7th grader at East Austin College Prep Academy. My topic is mining because I am interested in whats beneath the surface of the Earth and mining could be a start. Also because I'm fascinated at some things that rocks can help scientist learn and do -such as learning about the past and creating new man made objects.
     So far I have learned the basics about mining and people how mine. I've learned that people are very important becaues not many pople would put there lives at risk to try and DIG of all things. Miners can find anything from minerals to oil down there. There are many steps and safety precautions taken in order to mine. Flashlights, tool belts, special boots, water, food, anything that might be useful in a dangerous situation.
     Another reason as to why I am very interested in mining is because I know that some mining is dangerous and terrifing, but some poeple still do it. I mean, I sort of understand why because I know i'm not going to go into a mine and dig until my drill and dig and drig and dig. So someone has too! I really want to learn more a bout mining and how it works from other sources.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Valerie F. 9 2010

How to properly cite internet sources

Author, Title of Website, Web adress, or URL, Copyright date, Date you found the information.


ThinkQuest: Explorers of the Millenium.
Found October 7, 2010.

Diving Cairn
Found October 7, 2010.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Valerie F. 10 2010

Source 1
Enchanted Learning : Earth's Ocean, The Ocean
     Found on October 11, 2010

Source 2
Nautica: Ocean2Ocean     2010
     Found on October 11, 2010

Source 3
Nasa: Oceanography
     Found on October 12, 2010

Source 4
Ocean: Listening to Reefs    2010
     Found on October 12, 2010

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Valerie F. 8 2010

      Coral Reefs are located in oceans all over the world. From The Great Barrier Reef to the Pulley Ridge Reef no two are alike. With creatures sprouting from burrows and schools swimming in circles coral reefs are bound to be the most lively place.
    The ocean provides many things for different types of organisms. For example some coral reefs provide chemical compounds that be turned into medicine, they provide a home for many marine life, and they also provide food for humans and fish.
      The coral reef is a very interesting animals we have discovered at the bottom of the ocean. It really has a lot going on. With the cooperation and partnership happening with the fish we are able to have growing coral.  Coral reefs have been around for more than 50 million year - and thriving. They are a very important to the ecosystem, as well as a fascinating site to see. People come from all over the world to get a closer look at what's really there. Coral Reefs are formed by tiny animals called polyps. They work together in order to form a "skeleton" around the old coral generation after generation. Although this may sound all fine and dandy that's not what's really going on. The once colorful coral is slowly becoming a ghostly white and the fish are vanishing.
      Without the ocean and the coral many interesting organisms could be lost and the bonds and links that the oceans life once had could be disruppted. Everything is effected when something suddenly causes dispute down under. The life, the water, the people are in danger. Saltation, pollution, over-fishing, and loss of Mangroves are becoming major problems for oceans and reefs everywhere.
     Did you notice that most of those issues somehow always link back to humans? We cause pollution, we over-fish, we wipe out trees. So what can we as children and adults possibly do to improve the waters? We can do more than you think.
 We can spread awareness, we can conserve energy and water, we can plant trees,  we can reduce, reuse, and recycle, and much more. The little things that we do differently everyday can help the oceans, reefs, and the planet because every little thing counts.
     " The most important partnership the reef has is you and I " - Rusi Vulakoro 

Friday, October 1, 2010

Valerie F. 6 2010

       The two topics that I am most interested in are Oceans and Endangered Species. I choose Oceans because I think it really important to save and protects all marine life and undiscovered species. For the most part I think that almost everyone love little fishies and cute dolphins. I love whales, dolphins, clownfish and the littel obscure creatures at the botten of the ocean. They glow, they spike, they spear and hover. I think that the smaller thins are better.
     I choose Endangered Species because once again I love animals! Especially the weird ones! I just think they are so fascinating! I'm almost positive that no one really wants to lose the environment to trash, pollution, fungi, mold and disease. Which is why this is going to be my attempt at preserving wildlife and indegenous creatures on planet Earth.
     These two topics are two subjects that I think are very important to this current environment. With so many things being affected by global warming, pollution, littering and many other things what's going to happen to the life on this planet? How are we going to survive? We are going to be the ones to change that! We can change tomorrow.

Endangered Species

Valarie F. 5 2010

    Possible Game Topics

These are some game topic websites that I found on

I will begin researching diffrent topics I found on this directory to help me come up with more game ideas that I would like to focus on.

Here are some of my intrests:

     The resason why I picked Animal Aid is because believe that although animals have no way to communicate with humans they should also be given rights. Rights to be there own animals with an average happy life.
     I choose Child Labor because I'm pretty sure that's illegal here, but in 3rd World countries its not. So children are working in horrible conditions with minimum wadge. Which honsetly is stupid, greedy and wrong for managers and company owners to do.
     I liked the topic of Oceans because I really like marine life and would like to further explore te wonders of the waters. Also because I don't want to see the oceans wash away before generations after us.
     I picked endagered species because I like exotic and domestic animals. I really think that exotic animals are really fascinating in the wild. I mean there so free and pretty, but if the animals are extinct and gone forever how are others going to share an expirence of a lifetime with animals and beautiful creatures.

These are a few links from MyGLife

     Most of these topics have to do with saving planet earth form pure choas and peril. So to be sure that people know what may happen I'd like to spread awareness about whats happening and what are future may look like.
     I choose the Global Warming and littering because I really really really LOVE this earth and I don't want to either be like burned to bits or have this place trashed and dirty to the point where we like have to move to the moon or something, you know?
     I choose Water Pollution and the enviorment because I'm a really big fan of clean fresh water and if all our lakes are smoggy and dirty I con't drink pretty water!! And the enviorment becuase I'm an even bigger fan of unique creatures and again I really don't want to lose these beautiful creatures. 

Valerie F. 7 2010

     Widlife is disappering. Animals are slowly vanishing. Vegitation is slowy decreasing in numerous numebers.   Our future and World is in danger. Our world is entering the stage of peril. The obscure creatures who once inhabitated this Earth are leaving just as quickly as they came.
     Since widlife was here first I feel that it is our obligation to treat and care for these animals, because really I think it's unfair that certain animals have to adapt to diffrent ares, climate and food just because they can no longer be secure and okay in an area.
     Some animals are diapearing becuase of lack of resources, some because of poaching, some because of dieseas and some because they can not adapt to their new enviorments fast enogh. The world is changing so rapidly that the animals just can't keep up.
     So imagine putting yourself in an animals paws. Try enduring life like them. I mean how much can one person take? Let alone an animal. Something who can't communicate with humans and tell them what's  wrong. As humans it is our responsibility to understand and care for the animals as if they were humans in need, because really animals are just like me and you just without aposable thumbs. 
     Humans don't really know what the problem is exactly, but i'm sure with more studies and brainstorming we will know what wrong. There's no specific animals that isn't in danger, but some main ones people seem to be stressing over include pandas, pigs, elephants, big cats and many more smaller creatures. I think that we aren't really getting the whole idea. I mean what really is considered an important animal? All creatures are very important, but how do we decide whic animals to save first? That's one of the problems. We can't decide becuase all animals are very very very important.
     What can we do to help and SAVE them? We can do many many things. We can conserve, we can volunteer ad we can spread awareness. We can do all of these things very very easily. Everything and anything helps.
     I'm pretty sure that no one would like to lose our beautiful enviorments and organisims, but that could and may happen. So do your part and save planet Earth.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Valerie F. 4 2010

      So far I'm very interested in most of the games I've been "exploring". Some of the games are actually helping me to sort of figure out what I would like to do with my game.   
     The game that I did for the Review #1 was Funbrian Math Arcade. I decided to review this game because it is very educational and engaging. Basically all you have to do is try and reach the end of the levels by passing each game. Funbrain provides various strategies and faster ways to solve equations and expressions.
     The game that I picked for the Review #2 is called Magnets and Springs because although it is very creative and attracting to the eye it is hard to understands. Honestly I didn't want to read the instructions that maybe would've helped me, but I don't think it should be so hard to configure.  I mean really?
     I'm really interested in exploring more games in order to get more play time and ideas!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Valerie F. 3 2010

       Honestly after watching few sections of the Documentary I was alittle scared and sad. After seeing all the statictics and predictions of the fututre to come I thought to myself, "How did we end up like this? ". The documentary was very straight-forward and honest. Gore, really knows how to connect with an audience. It was so suprising to me how much time has cange. I mean not only is the planet in danger, but we are the ones who put it there. Us. Together. We are weaking this planet through our daily lives. I'm glad that some poelpe finally realized these past generations have been through enough. Seriously, can someone tell me that our future is secure and that I will live through? Can anyone say that the vigorous modern new generations can be structered and live to be future leaders?  I didn't think so. I am also awed that people are caring. After the several years of arguing and snapping at one another, we finally can come together and help this planet go back to its original health.We can restore it. With eveyones help, diligence and determination to complete this strenuous task we can save the World.
     With so many new gases and chemicals the atmospere has become so full of pollutions and contaminated air! What can we do to stop it? With such a big problem some people think that we can't do anything to stop it. When really the question is are you going to do something? If everything we do daily is causing so many problems then let's reverse it! When driving to swork or school try driving a hybrid car. Not wasting so much as is conserving our fossil fuels. When your not using something that pluged in to an outlet, unplug it and save money and energy. At school use as many recycled materials as possible. You see, just doing a little everyday could amount to helping the Earth for Years.
     At first I wasn't like astonished, but I was alittle surprised. I mean maybe its something that we could've expected, but how did we let it get so bad?!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Valerie F. 2 2010

These are some of the few games I played.....

Energy Hog
Energy Quest: Sudoku
National Geographic Kids: Plant it Green

Valerie F. 1 2010


This image was taken by NASA on September 3 at 10:32am. The huge one is hurricane Earl the smaller one all over the place is hurricane Fiona. I'm not very frightened for the people at this point because I know that over the years, people have developed plans and procedures in order to keep the residents safe. So far some people have said to be disappointed in hurricane Earl because of it low speeds and being categorized from a one from a four. All I can say is that I hope not a lot of damage is done and that everyone is safe somewhere.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Human Intervention in the Carbon Cycle

     Human intervention in the Carbo Dioxide Cylcle is the best science related game.
With the cause and effects of releasing carbon into the atmosphere students might realize what could happen in the future. I know fro a fact that no one would like to live in a world with muck and filth. Some people get so caught up in money, families, and work they do not realize what they do everyday to harm our planet.
     Mainly, I'm speaking about Realtors, company workers and owners, and power plants. All the carbon dioxide released and the trees chopped down to build is making it worse. The trees used to be able to slowly eat away at the nasty gases, but then as people started to build more and more land trees were cut down. Population of trees became little to none in an area.
The game is basically about experimenting with the different objects that release any amount of carbon dioxide. It shows the data and how it increases and the total amount in a year.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Globaloria ( Strangers )

     Gloabloria is basically a program that is used by students mostly in Middle School and High School.
My name is Valerie and I am 12 years old and I attend East Austin College Prep Academy. Globaloria is my third period in group D - Prep AP-.
     Globaloria has to do with a lot of programs such as Flash and MyGLife. It is linked to Flash  because in game designing Flash is used to color, draw, and animate. MyGlife is linked to Globaloria because we can get help from other schools and "counselors". Also on MyGLife we have to update Learning Logs and projects we do have to be uploaded.
     Globaloria has a lot to do with technology programming and concentration. However, we rarely do things-  such as notes- with pen and paper.
     Globaloria happens to be in my top ten classes. I enjoy it very much.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Flash in my Eyes

     In my eyes Flash has been complicated in a way. I usually have trouble keeping up. Keeping up is hard for me because I tend to get off topic and try to do my own stuff. Also sometimes when the instructor goes too fast I also tend to give up. Another thing that is hard for me is getting the correct options. As in keyframes, buttons, layers, etc. Like clicking the wrong things might screw up your whole file. Finally another thing that I find challenging code identification is somewhat a mental screw up. I think it hard for me because I don't normally copy things exactly, and I get horribly frustrated with little things like that.  
     Somethings that might help me in class would be getting the teacher to slow down just a little when working with Flash demos, buttons, etc. Another thing that I could do would try to keep on task and not try to focus my attention to something else.
     I think that knowing codes are important because to make animation you have to have certain codes written exactly the way there are originally. Also codes are used in various ways to make flash seem more interesting and fun.
     To become a flash expert I feel that I need more of a push and more practice. Okay a lot more practice. Also I think that 'push would be trying to be more into my work.
     Yes, sometimes I do think that some distractions are keeping me from working, because I tend to laugh and play along with it. You know like joking and what not. 
     To change this I think I could ignore things like that and remind myself that in order to maintain good grades I must keep on task. Also that some assignments are very important and that my behavior and ability to focus is a partial grade. 
     Even though I may not like watching the Flash videos they are very helpful because it doesn't get all of us frustrated because we know that something has worked fine before. Also some things that aren't on the instructions or wiki like tips and shortcuts can be found in video tutorials making Flash seem more easier. 

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Visit from Ms.Shannon

     Ms.Shannon decided it was time to pay East Austin College Prep Academy a visit and to see how we have progressed. Also to show us some new Wiki and Flash techniques.
     First off when Ms.Shannon came in we were immeaditly forced to start our flash uploads. I was like what???? NO FREE TIME!!!! Ugh. However I didn't have any complete pages to look the way I wanted so I kept working on my Flash. Karina and I had no intention to start uploading anytime soon. So for about 30-45 minutes we were working with the drawing flash process.
      Until, Ms.Shannon fianlly came around asking what we were working on and when Karina and I showed her we had nothing she looked disappointed.
      She soon went over the steps again with us and we were fine. We continued to work on Flash and I finshed! Happy day. Now I don't have to do anything.
      She showed us how to upload multipule files in one. It was pretty cool. Although she did seem a a little pushy. No Offense ..... wait maybe I shouldn't have said that :)


Friday, March 5, 2010

Team Progress

 In Flash my team has been doing a wonderful job. We have almost all of the levels complete and we will soon be adding it to flash. Due to my 'illness' yesterday we don't have the title page, instructions, or the main facts. My fault for lugging my team behind.
     My learning expirence in Flash has been very......diffucult and fascinating. It so ironic that it only took one video to learn how to draw so much in Flash. We didn't even watch the entire thing. At least I didn't. Flash is becoming simplier by the level. So much easier when you've practiced for a long time. Technique wise I did okay, but I oculd've done better. I did cut afew corners when working with shapes and colors. However, it did look pretty good. Some new techniques I learned include shape drawing and color fill. There are many ways to do it but I choose the easiest.
     The subject of our game is air and water pollution. In the first level we have cigaretts and fish representing water pollution. In level Two there is air polution with trucks, factories and more things that could be hazardous to the air and our enviorment.  
     Some new things I have learned include learning how to coperate and be nice and not bossy to other team members, although sometimes wedo disagree and argue we still came up with a pretty good game idea and prototype.
     Our team progress has been going pretty well for a couple of newbies. Our team doesn't get along like peas in a pod, but we are getting aloing "good". There has been no unresolved issues in our group. But we have had some very very iratic fights. Not everyone in the group has been doin their assignments all the time. We do have a hastle with trying to get Elias to do the right thing and stay on task. And sometimes I don't want to do some things, but in the end in results in me working very diligently.
     In teams I feel like we are doing better and faster than doing it individually. Not only have we come together and did an awesome game, but we are doing things more diligently.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Snow Day

     It's snowing like CRAZY!!! Ms.Ross-Miller let us go out and play when it was rainning when we should of waited! It snowing really pretty now!!! Throughout the rest of the most of the students will be very distracted because of the snow! We are very excited because it hasn't snowed in 4 years!!!! SNOW!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

     Working with my new teams I am having a fun time. Dajasia is the note taker and the drwer. Elias is the organizer. Jonathan is the team captain. Karina is the wiki updater and the drawer. And I'm the Flash Clash.  My team mates are very helpful and diligent. They are kind and dedicated. However, they aren't always great to work with. We have arguments and we have disputes, but they are somehow always solved.
    In the paper prototypes I had a great time doing the presentations. Our team did the arts perfectly although we did have to start over. With the extra time that Ms.Ross-Miller gave us we had more time to correct mistakes and practice. With the math I'm getting to the right track and I think that we still have alittle more to do but we are doing good. My frustrations is probably wanting to do my work because sometimes I just want to goof off. I get really really tempted. My honorable moments were nothing because I dont do much:)
     Although I did have one moment when the final game was put to the test. It was a very proud moment because our fianl copy was excellent. We made a 95% on the grade. Ms.Ross-Miller said that if our graphics would have been a little better and we would've talked alittle louder we could of got 100%.
I am very glasd that we were put into a group because it made it much easier and exciting. Our grop is called "The Good, The Bad, and You" and our game is called the "Green Effect".


Monday, February 22, 2010

The Green Effect

The Green Effect was a great succes. I had a great time working on the paper prototypes. We did a pretty good job as I saw it.

I found it complicated and humerous. Complicated because of the diffuculty of the prototype design and humerous because I loved the way we were all running franticilly! Hilarious! Also it was fortunate that one of the team members is participating. We were so lucky to finish becasue we were behind, and it even looked AWESOME! I understood the paper proto-types crystal clearly. I think that our team also understood because we all brought proper supplies and we were very persistent and hard working.

It was Okay working with a team becasue one of them was alittle frustrating and unreliable but he did participate at the end. I think our team is doing an excellent job and as we progress we will accomplish many things on the game process.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and You

     My role in The Good, The Bad, and You is very important. I am the Flash maggier Person. I'm good at this job becasue I like to play with the flash tools and codes. Which probably no one likes to do. Also I'm pretty good at following directions that I have to read.
     Disagreements definitly! I always argue about what to do, being too bossy, and sometimes wanting to do everything! We resolved them by making more specific roles and captain duties.
     I look forward to doing the Flash and seeing what our wiki page turns out to be. Flash because I love to create animation, mix and blend colors, and and funky font to pages.
     Our inspiration is walking out the door and smelling gas, looking at the sky and seeing black, watching people pour waste into lake and watching fish pop up with x's in their eyes, seeing more and more peoplle being diagnosed and dieing from air related disease's. We thought that doing water/air pollution was an interesting and important topic because we think that if we educate more people that they can tell their friends ,thus , making the sky clearer, the air and water cleaner, and people alive and healthy.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Best Blog know to humanity.... Seriously

Globaloria... Globaloria... Globaloria...
Thats probably all you hear. Why? Always almost every time it comes up in a conversation is because it a very resourceful and enjoyable class.
I am always glad to be apart of Globaloria and think that some people take it for granite sometimes. We all were given the opportunity to join Globaloria and she be very appreciative that we are able to learn and be very skillful in the area of technology. Which by the way a lot of students don't have the opportunity to join.
In Globaloria I have learned numerous resourceful things. For example I have learned how to blog, I have learned how to e-mail and add hyperlinks, pictures, videos, and music, I have learned the basic uses and configurations of Flash and Wiki/MyGlife, I have learned how to record what I've learned and last and foremost I have learned basic typing skills, independence skills, and the importance of technology.
I adore blogging! I love blogging because it gives everyone the opprotunity to express possibly everything! Anyone can sign up for a blog and everyone has the chance to write however they would have to be responsible for what they write.  s0 !F u wR!t3 t4!2 it doesn't matter.
In Globaloria we currently have an on-going challenging game design. We are called "The Good, The Bad, And You". Our game is called "The Green Effect". Now let me tell you a little about the process of our game designing. First, we had to come up with our game topic and responsibilities. Second we had brainstorm paper prototypes. ( Which was so easy - Considering that it was just ideas). During those two steps we had minor complications with people not participating and people not doing their proper responsibilities, but our team soon mended those little cracks in the road. Foremost and final we had to put our game ideas on paper. That was definitely the hardest part especially because we got a little behind because we didn't have the proper materials required for completing the project. All and all we finished and we did a wonderful presentation. The Green Effect was a great success. It was about water pollution and air pollution and I think we did pretty good for 3 levels.
In Globaloria I look forward to "creating" the game on Flash because we are pretty confident about our gaming becoming a masterpiece. However we do not expect to make it to Washington. I also look forward to learning more about and mastering Wiki and Flash. I would like to master it because I think that will the skills of such technology I could help and enters new Worlds for others.Which I probably will.
The Green Effect is focusing on air and water pollution. We choose those concepts for specific reasons.

  1. Majority of us had water pollution 
  2. Some had air pollution
  3. It wasn't very broad 
  4. It was short and sweet 
Are game ideas are coming along perfectly. At first we all had "writer's Block". We couldn't think of anything, but then something inspired us to pull it together and put as much effort and participation that we possibly contained into this one work of art. I was and still am thrilled to have such an opportunity. It is a great experience for everyone to encounter. I am thrilled because I've always played games and never thought I would be able to create one, and I am glad to be able to participate in this. For future reference if i liked making games or if it was to frustrating and complicated I will know wether to move on with gaming or stay with my current career choice. I am very ecstatic about taking such a class and thank the staff for making it possible.
                                                                     - Thanks:)

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Monday, January 25, 2010

My experience in Flash

Flash has been very challenging this semester. I feel that I have done well in flash. I am positive I've got flash memorized right down to the formulas. I feel that doing the mini game project template tutorial fifty times was a good warm up for all of us. Most of us mastered Flash and we all should feel pretty comfortable about doing Flash.
It was fun doing the Webex conference with Maredith. She took us step by step and was throwing facts in left and right. I really enjoyed Maredith's explanations.
I really got Flash in the first few weeks. It was simple. However I didn't like having to play with the codes and symbols. The best part was probably the feeling of accomplishment when I completed a task/code. The worst part was playing with the codes! Those codes are so confusing!
I love to play games in my free time! the one I enjoy most is Bloxors! It's a really challenging game that has many specific features. I love that game and have gotten to level 16!! Ahh!! The best part of Bloxors is completing the challenging levels and complating with other people!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Flash to me is sometimes very confusing. All the layers, codes, and colors can really be tricky. There all sorts of complicated processes on flash that we have to learn and practice to be able to understand Flash.
I enjoy Flash because challenges are fun to complete and Flash is a skill we have to master to complete our games. Some are as complex as algebra and some are easy as pie. I also like Flash because it keeps me occupied and learning. That way I want to do more of it. Also if keep up with the codes, tiny numbers, letters, or symbols and with the teacher you can have a perfect Flash project.
I dislike flash because sometimes Flash is really really frustrating and from time to time I stop and quit. Although I said I like challeges I dont like 50 at one time. Sometimes I forget to put certain codes and numbers on the saving, exporting, or uploading and that tiny symbol screws up my whole process! I hate Flash sometimes.
Overall I think Flash is a very good hands-on lesson and process and can help you in the future.