Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Human Intervention in the Carbon Cycle

     Human intervention in the Carbo Dioxide Cylcle is the best science related game.
With the cause and effects of releasing carbon into the atmosphere students might realize what could happen in the future. I know fro a fact that no one would like to live in a world with muck and filth. Some people get so caught up in money, families, and work they do not realize what they do everyday to harm our planet.
     Mainly, I'm speaking about Realtors, company workers and owners, and power plants. All the carbon dioxide released and the trees chopped down to build is making it worse. The trees used to be able to slowly eat away at the nasty gases, but then as people started to build more and more land trees were cut down. Population of trees became little to none in an area.
The game is basically about experimenting with the different objects that release any amount of carbon dioxide. It shows the data and how it increases and the total amount in a year.