Monday, March 28, 2011

Valerie F. : 11 2011

     The Nintendo 3ds was recently released by Nintendo. With higher game quality, 3d features and double screens, Nintendo claims that " its truly a cutting-edge piece of hardware ".
    It now has a motion and gyro sensor which enhances the reaction to the motion and tilts of 3DS, 3D screens ( that do NOT require special glasses or anything ) , a 3D depth slider that adjusts the 3D effect and settings, two screens that allow double the play and graphics, analog control and an adjustable stylus that gives better control to the gamer, and lastly, but surely not least a 3d camera that allows 3D photos ( much like the 3D screen. These new features are believed to make a gaming expirence on the Nintendo 3ds, an incredible and advanced one.
   The price for one of these advanced console is about $250. These pieces of new technology obviosly do not come cheap !

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Valerie F. : 10 2011

     Well, after we create our games I really don't know if I would try to sell it. I think it would depend on what the game was focused , how we wold present the video game , and if it was really good enough for the tough video game competition-world. However, if I did I choose to try and advertise our game, I think I would choose to have one well-known male athlete ( probably Michael Phelps or Crisitano Ronaldo ) , one widely-know female athlete (  probably Venus/Serena Williams ) , and one very knowledgeable scientist . I think that it would not only promote better health for the Earth and a cleaner environment, but it would also create a better reputation for the people.
     The advertstising part would be a bit difficult, but I think that we could maybe do great commercials and maybe some talk shows to better promote it.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Video Blog : Wave of Change

Wave of Change , Paper Prototype

Valerie F. : 9 2011

      It's really unfortunatre the this Tsuanmi in Japan happend so suddenly and so fast. It caused a lot of destruction throught Japan and evevtually it affected to whole world. I'm really amazed that kids from all over are interested in helping other people across the world. It's really good that youth can have the opprotunity to assist those in need and learn about caring for other people. I think that donating money, supplies, food, and manpower is a great way to try and find a temporary solution. Its going to take some time for us to find a permanet solution to this diaster,but we have the brain power and diligence to find more ways to help.

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Monday, March 7, 2011

Valerie F.: 8 2010

There are so many newer, advanced projects coming out, that every game company is in competition. The PSP npg is just one of the many portable consoles that is very advanced with newer features and quality. It's now a touch screen, it has censors to control things, its used as a phone, it has Internet, its has Skype. So basically its like a computer and a phone. I'm actually impressed, alittle. This just comes to show that with dillience and dedication, that better things come.