Monday, April 26, 2010

Globaloria ( Strangers )

     Gloabloria is basically a program that is used by students mostly in Middle School and High School.
My name is Valerie and I am 12 years old and I attend East Austin College Prep Academy. Globaloria is my third period in group D - Prep AP-.
     Globaloria has to do with a lot of programs such as Flash and MyGLife. It is linked to Flash  because in game designing Flash is used to color, draw, and animate. MyGlife is linked to Globaloria because we can get help from other schools and "counselors". Also on MyGLife we have to update Learning Logs and projects we do have to be uploaded.
     Globaloria has a lot to do with technology programming and concentration. However, we rarely do things-  such as notes- with pen and paper.
     Globaloria happens to be in my top ten classes. I enjoy it very much.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Flash in my Eyes

     In my eyes Flash has been complicated in a way. I usually have trouble keeping up. Keeping up is hard for me because I tend to get off topic and try to do my own stuff. Also sometimes when the instructor goes too fast I also tend to give up. Another thing that is hard for me is getting the correct options. As in keyframes, buttons, layers, etc. Like clicking the wrong things might screw up your whole file. Finally another thing that I find challenging code identification is somewhat a mental screw up. I think it hard for me because I don't normally copy things exactly, and I get horribly frustrated with little things like that.  
     Somethings that might help me in class would be getting the teacher to slow down just a little when working with Flash demos, buttons, etc. Another thing that I could do would try to keep on task and not try to focus my attention to something else.
     I think that knowing codes are important because to make animation you have to have certain codes written exactly the way there are originally. Also codes are used in various ways to make flash seem more interesting and fun.
     To become a flash expert I feel that I need more of a push and more practice. Okay a lot more practice. Also I think that 'push would be trying to be more into my work.
     Yes, sometimes I do think that some distractions are keeping me from working, because I tend to laugh and play along with it. You know like joking and what not. 
     To change this I think I could ignore things like that and remind myself that in order to maintain good grades I must keep on task. Also that some assignments are very important and that my behavior and ability to focus is a partial grade. 
     Even though I may not like watching the Flash videos they are very helpful because it doesn't get all of us frustrated because we know that something has worked fine before. Also some things that aren't on the instructions or wiki like tips and shortcuts can be found in video tutorials making Flash seem more easier.