Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Red Ribbon Week! I'm Drug Free!!!

"Red Ribbon week" is celebrating staying drug free and helping other stay and be drug free. As students we must pledge to be drug free and help fellow people drug free. We need to confront those who choose to do and sell drugs and warn them of the harmful things drugs can do to them physically and emotionally. To Me staying drug free is more important than my cat Angel!! Drugs can play an important or a small role in your life. Staying drug free is important because it can really effect day-to-day life.

My thoughts about Enrique Camarena..... Brave..... Heroic..... Changer..... Guardian Angel. He was all of these things. He was wiling to throw himself out into the open dangerous world just to stop people from further going with the drug process. He had three children and I'm pretty sure they lost a load when their father's body was recovered. He had won several awards for busting some major drug dealers. And the small ones he caught could of turned into a major corporation ,but he stopped it! He did the work! He made people realize how important stopping these kinds of people was.

Enrique Camarena

Thursday, October 22, 2009

These are some things to remember when on the internet! Be careful of what you do!

  1. Never to give out personal information such as your name, home address, school name, or telephone number in a chat room or on bulletin boards.
  2. Also, never send a picture of yourself to someone you chat with on the computer without your parent's permission
  3. Do not meet someone without the permission of your parents
  4. Tell your parents right away if you read anything on the Internet that makes you feel uncomfortable

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Technology is one of my strongest subjects. It is amusing, challenging, and keeps me occupied.
To me nothing is very frustrating. I like most things about technology. Although sometimes getting things to be placed, or copied, or pasted, or here or there is difficult. But all it takes is a little playing around with it and trying new things.
Making an improvement in this class would be keeping up with the class and paying attention. Also instead of messing around I should be trying to focus.
Mrs. Ross-Miller in my opinion is doing a fantastic job getting us to complete our work and projects. I love the way she is understanding and wiling to comfort you. Also the way she is firm and honest when that kind of teacher is needed.
I understand all of the assignments and concepts in Globaloria. I like this class very much.
Somethings that I would like to see more of would probably be media, sports, graphics, all students being engaged in the lesson, and modern technology.
And maybe some incorporation in YouTube or reading or sports or something that will make us wonder!!!
Thank you Mrs.Ross-Miller for the effort and being such a wonderful teacher!
Thank You!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Game Genres

The shooting stars are making good progress with the genres of action adventure and life simulation.
We picked Action and Adventure because every game need a little 'pow' and the gamer must be interested in the topic/subject. Also because we would like like the gamer to progress in his or her session.
We picked Life Simulation because in the situations in the game they could help with resolving the problems. Also because they could encourage people to help out in communities, shelters, and maybe do some type of service.



Friday, October 2, 2009

Final Exam

I have learned a whole lot of things in Globaloria Class this six weeks. I have learned to post blogs on my blogger and change my status on both blogger and My-G-Life. I have learned to add pictures, hyperlinks, and videos. I have learned to change the screen saver and the desktop background which Mrs. Ross-Miller hates! :) I have leaned the short cuts to clicking and double clicking. I have learned most of the settings.I have learned new vocabulary words such as ribbon, button, hot key, fragment, and log. I have learned to look at how many people visit things by looking at the log. I have learned to type faster by getting behind on assignments when I type too slow and memorizing the button locations. I have learned to chat with friends on wiki and g-mail. I have learned to do online academic assignments. I have learned not to upload certain things if they have virus threats. I have learned the first few steps to creating games and how they should look. I have also learned to keep everything nice and organized on the computer because your data could get lost or the teachers will get after you. Thank You to all the teachers that have taught and corrected me this six weeks! Especially Ms.Ross-Miller! ☆

-Thank You!