Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Christmas is a very joyous and important holiday. It was the day that the Virgin Mary gave life to Jesus. He was born in a barn with animals. Then the three wise men followed a beloved star to come upon a holy baby. Christmas is also important because it is the time for giving and family time. I love Christmas because everyone is always in a good mood and they are all very generous. In the Christmas spirit I am going to go and donate and volunteer at the Austin Police Department Operation Blue Santa. I have never done this but I look forward to this wonderful experience. I like the idea of almost my entire family contributing to this project. My aunt and mother thought of the idea to volunteer with delivering the presents to families in need . I really really really want to do this and I look forward giving back to the community! I am going to have a very generous Christmas.
The second part of my Christmas I am going to spend in Austin and Manor. I plan to spend Christmas Eve at my grandparents house in Manor. There I plan to exchange presents and talk with my family! So fun! Then Christmas Day I will wake up too early and open all my presents! I still can't confirm with you that these are my official plans. I may or may be with my dad for Christmas Eve and receive my presents from family early!! Yay! Merry Christmas guys and Have an awesome Christmas!
Santa Clause Is coming to Town

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Toros Game

The Toros game was AWESOME! I sat next to Karina and Shawn. Irie was there ,too. I had fun up there. Karina and I shared a pizza and lots of laughs. I payed attention sort of. I was laughing alot at the peolpe who were dancing. I had a blast! When Karina went to the restroom i offered to come too and it was hilarious! Why? 'Cause I scared the living dead out of her! I pretended like I left and when she came out I said RAR! And she freaked OUT!! It was so funny!
I thought that things couldn't get better but they did! Karina and I were selected by Dr. Cantu to sit in the front row seat 15! We were so close that they were sweating on us! Gross ,but cool! The coach kept his guard up the whole game! He was cussing and shouting through out the game. Then, ( Yeah some more!) one of the staff told me when the game was at 1:30 seconds I was to go to the table to recieve a ball and shirt! I wa named FAN OF THE GAME!!!!! AWESOME RIGHT?! I got to meet number 44 Dwayne Jones! HE was like super duper tall! It was so cool! He signed his shirt which read PLAYER OF THE DAY and he gave it to me! We took a picture and it was AWESOME!!!! I had a blast at the game and I thank Dr. Cantu and all her work! Thank YOU!