Monday, November 15, 2010

Valerie F. 13 2010

"Strange Days on Planet Earth"
Part 4
Some people don't care, aren't interested or don't know what they can do to help Global Warming end
70% of Earth's surface is ocean - The Pacific ocean accounts for half of that - (saltwater)
Krill are a type of Plankton (apparently there are like BILLIONS!)
Krill populations is somehow decreasing
 If these tiny organisms where to die out then the whole food web in the ocean could be disrupted
The was a crash of populations in the 80 but in the 90 the populations came back
Scientist believe that the fall and increase in Krill Plankton was caused by temperature shifts in the ocean
There are sudden temperatures that the tides bring to the shore
Could some temperatures rise to the point where some organisms die?
Th Earth's climate is LINKED to every person.... So everything is linked!
A sudden outbreak of asthma and disease in the Caribbean cause people to become very curious and concerned
The diseases that has been effecting the Fan Coral has a link to the sudden outbreak of asthma in the Caribbean

Part 5
Since the Earth has been getting stranger the earth's organisms have also changed jurastically
In Venezuela the animals that used to live in the forest/lake area are suddenly going underwater because the we want more power
Over time we can see hoe much has changed. It really amazing that it changed so FAST
Before the floods and destructive nature that human's happen to have has created horrible things
Although the animals are in great need of help, we are ding what we can to help but what more can we do?
There are som manywant and needs of humnas but have we ever though about the animals want and needs?
Some places still remain untouched and okay but for how long will it last?
There are so many thins in this earth that still remain untouched and pure but we cant destroy that!
The trees aren't producing anymore offspring, what's wrong with them?
The way some people do things effect the other so, it weighs out it self basically
Coral reef are dying out in because of a shabby layer of algae
Scientist Pauly is now trying to compare and contrast the differences between the pas t reefs and the ones Now.
A lot of action is being taken to try and bring back some fish, such as reserves and less fishing
“Once we asked can we live with them, but now the question is can we live without them?
“ We are indecisive”

Part 6
Sign all throughout our generation may be indicators that something is wrong
Some animals may be able to help us see what's happening
at least 20 species of frogs worldwide have disappeared
some frogs are being born with both male and female parts resulting in deformities and sicknesses
They have figured out that atrozine is causing the deformities
Tiny doses of atrozine can cause deformities but Scientist Hays figured out that larger doses can be less harmful
Even though frogs, being harmed doesn't sound like much, we are drinking the same water
Hays is finding things wrong with marsh's again consider this: water doesn't always stay put
Pods and pods of Beluga Whales have been found in St.Lawrence river in Canada
The fact is they have some many chemicals in their bodies that they are considered chemicals themselves
Scientist have discovered that some types of water contain various things to make people very sick
many things are triggering a chain of events that always lead to us
Chemicla fertilizers eventually end up in our water or other species water
Scientists have discovered that Marin life has contaminated tissue and flesh

The Change is definitely coming, are you ready?

Friday, November 12, 2010

Valerie F. 13 2010

Strange Days on planet Earth

Part 1
Animals ( aliens in weird areas)
inhabiting different ares, taking up resources, spreading disease, populating areas
people discovering and fascinated by the spreading of animals
Termites are a big big BIG problem in New Orleans
It has such a large amount of food, climate, and living space to survive
Many aliens not only termites disturbed and destroyed cities, homes, stores, and with an increasing problem could damage our bodies
Strange Days part 2

Many things like dirty water contaminated animals can cause serious problems with ones body
aliens(foreign) species of organisms if there are not well handled they can cause bad impacts on many people and chains
some other aliens species can help decrease or increase a certain thing but most times things take turns fr the worst
constructive destruction ( bad in a good way )
people "steal" plants from someplace other
Some plants can harm other species and us!
Plants can easily spread by anything really. Even the smallest seed can turn a whole Eco system upside down! Unbelievable what plants and animals do to survive, huh?
Many people around the World are doing what they can to stop the spread of alien species and such\

Part 3
In some ships that are used to trade there are new species that are seeking a new home
99 percent of the organisms at the San Fransico bay are not native
We might even be destroying our planet

The One Degree Factor
The temperature has increased 1 degree in the last century
Twice a year humans and Caribou meet in the middle to be hunted and since the climate is warmer the mosquitos are bothering them more then ever
People are now trying to help the caribou
People all view the Global Warming problem in various ways. Some don't care, some think of it as a small problem, some people think of it as a small problem and some don't know what they can do since it is considered a global problem.