Monday, January 25, 2010

My experience in Flash

Flash has been very challenging this semester. I feel that I have done well in flash. I am positive I've got flash memorized right down to the formulas. I feel that doing the mini game project template tutorial fifty times was a good warm up for all of us. Most of us mastered Flash and we all should feel pretty comfortable about doing Flash.
It was fun doing the Webex conference with Maredith. She took us step by step and was throwing facts in left and right. I really enjoyed Maredith's explanations.
I really got Flash in the first few weeks. It was simple. However I didn't like having to play with the codes and symbols. The best part was probably the feeling of accomplishment when I completed a task/code. The worst part was playing with the codes! Those codes are so confusing!
I love to play games in my free time! the one I enjoy most is Bloxors! It's a really challenging game that has many specific features. I love that game and have gotten to level 16!! Ahh!! The best part of Bloxors is completing the challenging levels and complating with other people!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Flash to me is sometimes very confusing. All the layers, codes, and colors can really be tricky. There all sorts of complicated processes on flash that we have to learn and practice to be able to understand Flash.
I enjoy Flash because challenges are fun to complete and Flash is a skill we have to master to complete our games. Some are as complex as algebra and some are easy as pie. I also like Flash because it keeps me occupied and learning. That way I want to do more of it. Also if keep up with the codes, tiny numbers, letters, or symbols and with the teacher you can have a perfect Flash project.
I dislike flash because sometimes Flash is really really frustrating and from time to time I stop and quit. Although I said I like challeges I dont like 50 at one time. Sometimes I forget to put certain codes and numbers on the saving, exporting, or uploading and that tiny symbol screws up my whole process! I hate Flash sometimes.
Overall I think Flash is a very good hands-on lesson and process and can help you in the future.