Thursday, March 11, 2010

Visit from Ms.Shannon

     Ms.Shannon decided it was time to pay East Austin College Prep Academy a visit and to see how we have progressed. Also to show us some new Wiki and Flash techniques.
     First off when Ms.Shannon came in we were immeaditly forced to start our flash uploads. I was like what???? NO FREE TIME!!!! Ugh. However I didn't have any complete pages to look the way I wanted so I kept working on my Flash. Karina and I had no intention to start uploading anytime soon. So for about 30-45 minutes we were working with the drawing flash process.
      Until, Ms.Shannon fianlly came around asking what we were working on and when Karina and I showed her we had nothing she looked disappointed.
      She soon went over the steps again with us and we were fine. We continued to work on Flash and I finshed! Happy day. Now I don't have to do anything.
      She showed us how to upload multipule files in one. It was pretty cool. Although she did seem a a little pushy. No Offense ..... wait maybe I shouldn't have said that :)


Friday, March 5, 2010

Team Progress

 In Flash my team has been doing a wonderful job. We have almost all of the levels complete and we will soon be adding it to flash. Due to my 'illness' yesterday we don't have the title page, instructions, or the main facts. My fault for lugging my team behind.
     My learning expirence in Flash has been very......diffucult and fascinating. It so ironic that it only took one video to learn how to draw so much in Flash. We didn't even watch the entire thing. At least I didn't. Flash is becoming simplier by the level. So much easier when you've practiced for a long time. Technique wise I did okay, but I oculd've done better. I did cut afew corners when working with shapes and colors. However, it did look pretty good. Some new techniques I learned include shape drawing and color fill. There are many ways to do it but I choose the easiest.
     The subject of our game is air and water pollution. In the first level we have cigaretts and fish representing water pollution. In level Two there is air polution with trucks, factories and more things that could be hazardous to the air and our enviorment.  
     Some new things I have learned include learning how to coperate and be nice and not bossy to other team members, although sometimes wedo disagree and argue we still came up with a pretty good game idea and prototype.
     Our team progress has been going pretty well for a couple of newbies. Our team doesn't get along like peas in a pod, but we are getting aloing "good". There has been no unresolved issues in our group. But we have had some very very iratic fights. Not everyone in the group has been doin their assignments all the time. We do have a hastle with trying to get Elias to do the right thing and stay on task. And sometimes I don't want to do some things, but in the end in results in me working very diligently.
     In teams I feel like we are doing better and faster than doing it individually. Not only have we come together and did an awesome game, but we are doing things more diligently.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Snow Day

     It's snowing like CRAZY!!! Ms.Ross-Miller let us go out and play when it was rainning when we should of waited! It snowing really pretty now!!! Throughout the rest of the most of the students will be very distracted because of the snow! We are very excited because it hasn't snowed in 4 years!!!! SNOW!!