Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hunger Games Minigame !

I created this in Flash . It's not very goood , xD
The arrow represents Katniss , The Mockingjay Pin represents the rebellion , and the Snowflake represents President Snow and the Capitol .

My Game Demo Slides

These are the Game Demo slides that I have completed .

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Notes : 2 / 23

- Intro : me , unfinished
- Team Intro ; me , Completed
- Audience : Karina , completed
- Gameplay : Alexis , completed
- Learning Goal : Karina , completed
- Fun Factor : Alexis , completed
- Smart Factor : Valerie , completed
- Style Factor : Alexis , unfinished
- Originality Factor : Valerie , unfinished

- Save alllllll files with a specified name
- Buttons on all scenes 
- Having colors that compliment & go with your " theme "
- Clear explanation for each of the scenes

Monday, February 13, 2012


It turns out that Nike is two faced . It has the popular athletic gear , with its professional athletes who showcase their products , but then there's the miserable , workers who get paid probably lower than minimum wadge along with terrible working conditions . Obviously , they aren't paying enough attention to what's going on inside their corporation . If Nike is such a rich & globally know company , why aren't their workers healthy and some of the best paid people out there ?!

- Children with no education or higher levels of understanding .
Lost generations .
- Materials ( waste ) that are burned and create pollution and release Cancer causing agents
- Forced Labor
- Disgusting working conditions

( behind the swoosh ]

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Object in the Sky !

How could you take this real-life event and turn this into a game. Someone could create a game by having the gamer examine the object that shot across the sky . They could test the different materials and investigate .
What genre would you focus on? Definitely Science . 

What skill or topic would your game teach? The topic would be something space related and the skill could be something like inferencing or problem solving . 
What would the player have to do in the game? The gamer would have to try and figure out what exactly the object is . Also , where it could've came from . 

What would the hero of your game look like? The enemy? The hero would be sort of like a normal character but would have had the intelligence to understand how to figure out what they were doing . The enemy would be like the obstacles the gamer encounters when trying to examine the object . 
What type of animations or sounds would the player see and hear? As for sounds , they would be like the beeping " noises " of space or the " noises " of a lab-like environment . 
What would be the title of your game? The title of the game would be something like , " Space Matters " or something

                   I created this in flash , ^ ^ ^