Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Learn The Bones

"Learn The Bones" is a good educational game about the 206 bones that are in your body. The purpose of the game to me was to teach and get students to understand and be interested in the Human body.
From the learners point of view it was an interesting game. I enjoyed learning about the bones. I understood what to do and the purpose of the game. The instruction were very clear and understandable. From the developers point of I would have changed the colors. They didn't look like a color combination to me. I would be very proud of myself if i was the game developer. The game overall is AWESOME!!

The game was very creative. I liked the way the developer included different colors. It was very vibrant. It looked professional and kid friendly.

It was very clear what to achieve. It worked very well and I had fun playing it.

Although I would improve the time of play. Because It was a short amount of time that the player had to finish the puzzle and answer. Also i would change the question part from only having one try to having three strikes.

I really enjoyed playing both games.

-Thank You

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Are You Making the Right Choices?

"Are you making the right choices?" was a good, fun and, educational game. The purpose of the game to me was early life choices and helping learners understand the hard and confusing situations he or she may encounter and making good healthy smart choices. It was like a multiple choice answer.

From my point of view the game was very educational. I understood what to do and how to do it and I understood the purpose of the game. From the developers point of view I would probably change the instructions to make them a bit more simple for those who do not understand. And make the game a little more interesting like maybe add more levels or being able to pick your piece. Also maybe something to make the person more interested.

In my eyes the the game was set up like a playing board with spaces and a person to represent the player. It was legible and creative. Although i would have have changed it to make it a little bigger and clearer. But it was very welcoming and pre-teen friendly.
I would like to learn to create games period! But i would also like to add color and animation to writing and also i would like to learn to do games with multi players.
-Thank you

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Te Amo Tanto

Dime Si Te Vas Con `El

Te Amo


Dear Reader,

Animals. I think more people should be interested in them because there are many things happening to them such as extinction, endangerment, and animal abuse. Animals are very important to this planet and I think animals should be treated with respect and care. Also I think we should do every thing in our power to protect these lovable creatures. I am going to also post a video and hyper link on animal care and animal facts. I am very interested in animals and hope you realize how important they are to the Earth. Thank You!


I love Animals!

I love UT Soccer!!!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dear Mrs. Ross-Miller,
I had a blast at the Wild Flower Center! I saw birds, pollinating bees, huge spiders, butterflies, fat caterpillars and much more. I smelled the sweet smell of the Chocolate Flower, the disgusting smell of the dung on the floor, the awesome smell of nature and the great smell of flowers. I did everything! I did a scavenger hunt, I climbed up the big tower, I learned about all kinds of flowers and organisms in the wild, and i had fun! Thanks!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dear Mrs. Ross-Miller,
I have learned how to post pictures. I have learned to enlarge pictures. I have learned to save pictures. And i have also learned to customize all my stuff. Thanks!



Monday, September 14, 2009

Technology Class

In Globaloria I plan to make a game that has to do with either planet conservation or with solving the problem of animal homlessness. I am most excited about learning more about modern technology and computer uses. I am most frightened about having to stay after class and sooner or later get behind on some homework and class work assignments.