Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Imagine Your Game:
My game idea is going to be an adventure and strategy because I would like to have ways and techniques of solving and helping oil spills. I'd like to represent this by having different scenerios of how an oil spill could start and end. I would like to incorporate animals and how it effects diffrent regions. Oil spills can really damage ecosystems, food supply, water supply, and habitat supply, So I'd also like to show the areas of damage. I think I would like to display the solutions and different ways people can help. I really want the design to be creative and unique, I want my animations to be realistic and alive and I want my idea to be an idea that people can really understand.

So basically I would like to make my game topic about oceans and coral reefs. I want to have the effects and solutions to oil spills across the world. I tried to make my game idea different and original. I don't think I've ever played any kind of game with the cause and effects of oil spills in the ocean, so I think I picked a good topic.

I'm really excited about learning more about the basic and detailed flash codes and design. I would like to learn how to improve my art skill and ability. I'm also excited about having a team work with me instead of having to work on my own, because as they always say two minds are better than one.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Epic Mickey

Modernly, Fascinating, Colorful re-make of an Epic character

People have clamined they have fogotten about the Mickey they once knew, but know Disney introduces a new generation of old characters. Mickey Mouse as we all know has been a very prominent character in the Disney name.