Monday, February 28, 2011

Valerie F. 7 2011

Mad Hot Ballroom

1. What does the word "teamwork" mean to you ?
                The word "teamwork" means people working together to complete or accomplish something.
2. How do you see these students trying to working together ?
                The children have to help each other and listen to each other in order to do the dance correctly.     Meaning, that they have to communicate and cooperate to accomplish something.
3. How important was teamwork for these students ?
Teamwork is important because the dances require both people to do well to win, so the have to help each other and dance well.
4. What do you think is the main message that these students should take away from this experience?
Not proving anything to anyone, but yourself that you can do it. That with only your determination and power can you do something, great.
5. How will you work together with your teammates in this class ?
              Well, in order finish a project we have to agree on a topic, problem, and solution. We have to work with other teams to fix small mistakes. And we will work together, as a class, to better understand technology that is in our generation.
  • 1994 Ballroom dancing was introduced to 5th grade students in New York City
  • Today 6,000 kids from over 60 schools are required to take thus 10-week course
  • The Dancing program is free to the public
  • Most of the students are from the Domican Republic
  • Large Percentage of Single Parent Families
  • The dancing provides the children opprotunities and new things to learn

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valerie F. 6 2010

   Math Man : Math Playground

  Math Man has the format of Pac-Man and a math concept. Basically all you do is solve math equations and try to capture the ghost that has the correct answer. I like this game because I like older games formats and I would consider Pac Man exactly that. At first the game was a bit challenging because it involved mental math, but as you continue on it gets easier. Since I'm not really used to doing math without a alot of time or paper is was harder. This game teaches you math fluency and solving equations with multiplication, addition, subtraction, and division.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valerie F. 5 2011

     In J. Lo Fur Bully on the Block, you have to try and help release the animals and educate the people before J. Lo can capture you. The social issue is animal cruelty. It teaches about animal cruelty because you have to release the animals before the workers can kill the animal and use it for clothing material. It also teaches the workers about what they are really doing.
     Super Chick Sisters is about the cruel method McDonalds uses to kill their animals. The object is to pass the worlds and learn about the harsh methods and why they use those methods.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Valerie F 4 2011

The Wizard

At the beginning of the movie, Jimmy is walking down the highway. Where is he going?
Jimmy is headed for California

What is the problem that the little boy, Jimmy, has?
He is heavily traumatized because his twin sister died.

Jimmy likes to stack and build things. How does this relate to video games?
Some think that this helps him to express himself and that he has a lot of imagination to design games.

Playing video games seems to help Jimmy feel better. Why do you think this is?
People cope in different ways for different things. For example it building things and playing video games helps Jimmy cope with his different games.
What makes him such an awesome video game player?
He can concentrate better than others.

What kinds of games do you see being played? Have you ever played any games like this before?
Street Fighter 
Double Dragon

Ninja Gaiden
Super Mario World 1,2,3
Mr. Chaos
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
F-1 Dream

How many different game systems do you see in the film?
1. Arcade
2. Nintendo Original Entertainment System
What did you think about the Power Glove?
I think that it almost like the Wii controls, we use today. I think its pretty cool that they had the technology similar to the advanced technology we use today.