Tuesday, November 24, 2009

On November 23, 2009 2 visitors came and discussed our game topics, and formats. First, we made up our own game and used the topic Health and more specifically Lung Cancer. We discussed how are game would be set-up. We said that the game would include something like a smoking monster and a character would be shooting cures/antidotes back at the monster. (Cure/Antidote being stop smoking gum, patches, water, exercise, and all things to avoid smoking)
Finally we discussed our own game plans with Ms. Rachel, Ms. Meredith, and Ms. Shannon. Although we could not physically see Ms. Shannon and Ms. Meredith we could hear them. We contacted them through phone and they listened to our conversations. Almost like eaves-dropping! Just Kidding! And then accidentally I hung up because I lifted the phone and pressed the button and it went uuuu....! Ha ha I was laughing and I felt ashamed but then I was fine! Mrs. Ross-Miller asked if I wanted to present. Well actually she told me I was going to present! And as I was presenting Ms. Shannon and Ms. Meredith I was heading in the right direction and she gave me some good suggestions! Then I listened to the other's presentation and gave good critique and suggestions.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

This week I was finishing up my Game Prep Questions. I learned how to make text boxes, change color and font. I leasrned how to type and write in Flash. This week was alittle complex because we had to type our Questin 1-7 in Flash. I didn't like doing Flash over and over because when there no carrot or bunny and without them there's no fun! I mean come on who wants to write about their game! I want to get to the desighning! Although I guess planing ahead is good.
My excitment about my game probably would be desighing the game and getting to see my work somewhere! I mean that would be AWESOME! I'm not a big gamer ,but creating a game would be AWESOME!!!!! I mean if I moved to a different school (which I won't) I would be ahead of every body!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


For Thanksgiving I am either going to with my dad to celebrate with them or I am with my mom. I love going with my mom and it is going to be the 2nd year I have been with my mom's family or it will be the 1st year I am with my dad. If I go with my dad I will be with my mom for Christmas and if I go with my mom I will be with my dad for Christmas with my dad. I don't really care which parent I go with just as long as I'm with family. Yay! I'm really happy about spending time with both parents because I love them both equally no matter what I do! And they love me no matter what I do! Yay!


Thursday, November 5, 2009


This week in Globaloria our main focus is on Flash and action script. We are learning how to make moving objects, layers, adding color, and sound. I learn so much in Globaloria that is helpful at home or at any computer. Sometimes it can be a bit boring and frustrating! I mean I love it and all but who in their right mind make us watch a 20 minute instructional video!!!!! UGH!!! Anyway this is what happened!
First, we watched that dumb 20 minute instructional video on flash. Second, we went to flash and we made this characters and then we made them ''symbols.'' During that I got totally lost in assisting others! I was on the edge of a tantrum, but then Karina was keeping me updated! She helped me and I helped her. Overall I had a lot of fun doing action script.
I learned how to add animation, and motion. I learned how to go crazy in 10 minutes! I learned how to delete pictures.
I had a lot of fun doing this assignment and look forward to further challenges! Thank You for all you do Mrs. Ross-Miller!!!

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