Thursday, September 23, 2010

Valerie F. 4 2010

      So far I'm very interested in most of the games I've been "exploring". Some of the games are actually helping me to sort of figure out what I would like to do with my game.   
     The game that I did for the Review #1 was Funbrian Math Arcade. I decided to review this game because it is very educational and engaging. Basically all you have to do is try and reach the end of the levels by passing each game. Funbrain provides various strategies and faster ways to solve equations and expressions.
     The game that I picked for the Review #2 is called Magnets and Springs because although it is very creative and attracting to the eye it is hard to understands. Honestly I didn't want to read the instructions that maybe would've helped me, but I don't think it should be so hard to configure.  I mean really?
     I'm really interested in exploring more games in order to get more play time and ideas!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Valerie F. 3 2010

       Honestly after watching few sections of the Documentary I was alittle scared and sad. After seeing all the statictics and predictions of the fututre to come I thought to myself, "How did we end up like this? ". The documentary was very straight-forward and honest. Gore, really knows how to connect with an audience. It was so suprising to me how much time has cange. I mean not only is the planet in danger, but we are the ones who put it there. Us. Together. We are weaking this planet through our daily lives. I'm glad that some poelpe finally realized these past generations have been through enough. Seriously, can someone tell me that our future is secure and that I will live through? Can anyone say that the vigorous modern new generations can be structered and live to be future leaders?  I didn't think so. I am also awed that people are caring. After the several years of arguing and snapping at one another, we finally can come together and help this planet go back to its original health.We can restore it. With eveyones help, diligence and determination to complete this strenuous task we can save the World.
     With so many new gases and chemicals the atmospere has become so full of pollutions and contaminated air! What can we do to stop it? With such a big problem some people think that we can't do anything to stop it. When really the question is are you going to do something? If everything we do daily is causing so many problems then let's reverse it! When driving to swork or school try driving a hybrid car. Not wasting so much as is conserving our fossil fuels. When your not using something that pluged in to an outlet, unplug it and save money and energy. At school use as many recycled materials as possible. You see, just doing a little everyday could amount to helping the Earth for Years.
     At first I wasn't like astonished, but I was alittle surprised. I mean maybe its something that we could've expected, but how did we let it get so bad?!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Valerie F. 2 2010

These are some of the few games I played.....

Energy Hog
Energy Quest: Sudoku
National Geographic Kids: Plant it Green

Valerie F. 1 2010


This image was taken by NASA on September 3 at 10:32am. The huge one is hurricane Earl the smaller one all over the place is hurricane Fiona. I'm not very frightened for the people at this point because I know that over the years, people have developed plans and procedures in order to keep the residents safe. So far some people have said to be disappointed in hurricane Earl because of it low speeds and being categorized from a one from a four. All I can say is that I hope not a lot of damage is done and that everyone is safe somewhere.