Tuesday, February 23, 2010

     Working with my new teams I am having a fun time. Dajasia is the note taker and the drwer. Elias is the organizer. Jonathan is the team captain. Karina is the wiki updater and the drawer. And I'm the Flash Clash.  My team mates are very helpful and diligent. They are kind and dedicated. However, they aren't always great to work with. We have arguments and we have disputes, but they are somehow always solved.
    In the paper prototypes I had a great time doing the presentations. Our team did the arts perfectly although we did have to start over. With the extra time that Ms.Ross-Miller gave us we had more time to correct mistakes and practice. With the math I'm getting to the right track and I think that we still have alittle more to do but we are doing good. My frustrations is probably wanting to do my work because sometimes I just want to goof off. I get really really tempted. My honorable moments were nothing because I dont do much:)
     Although I did have one moment when the final game was put to the test. It was a very proud moment because our fianl copy was excellent. We made a 95% on the grade. Ms.Ross-Miller said that if our graphics would have been a little better and we would've talked alittle louder we could of got 100%.
I am very glasd that we were put into a group because it made it much easier and exciting. Our grop is called "The Good, The Bad, and You" and our game is called the "Green Effect".


Monday, February 22, 2010

The Green Effect

The Green Effect was a great succes. I had a great time working on the paper prototypes. We did a pretty good job as I saw it.

I found it complicated and humerous. Complicated because of the diffuculty of the prototype design and humerous because I loved the way we were all running franticilly! Hilarious! Also it was fortunate that one of the team members is participating. We were so lucky to finish becasue we were behind, and it even looked AWESOME! I understood the paper proto-types crystal clearly. I think that our team also understood because we all brought proper supplies and we were very persistent and hard working.

It was Okay working with a team becasue one of them was alittle frustrating and unreliable but he did participate at the end. I think our team is doing an excellent job and as we progress we will accomplish many things on the game process.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and You

     My role in The Good, The Bad, and You is very important. I am the Flash maggier Person. I'm good at this job becasue I like to play with the flash tools and codes. Which probably no one likes to do. Also I'm pretty good at following directions that I have to read.
     Disagreements definitly! I always argue about what to do, being too bossy, and sometimes wanting to do everything! We resolved them by making more specific roles and captain duties.
     I look forward to doing the Flash and seeing what our wiki page turns out to be. Flash because I love to create animation, mix and blend colors, and and funky font to pages.
     Our inspiration is walking out the door and smelling gas, looking at the sky and seeing black, watching people pour waste into lake and watching fish pop up with x's in their eyes, seeing more and more peoplle being diagnosed and dieing from air related disease's. We thought that doing water/air pollution was an interesting and important topic because we think that if we educate more people that they can tell their friends ,thus , making the sky clearer, the air and water cleaner, and people alive and healthy.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Best Blog know to humanity.... Seriously

Globaloria... Globaloria... Globaloria...
Thats probably all you hear. Why? Always almost every time it comes up in a conversation is because it a very resourceful and enjoyable class.
I am always glad to be apart of Globaloria and think that some people take it for granite sometimes. We all were given the opportunity to join Globaloria and she be very appreciative that we are able to learn and be very skillful in the area of technology. Which by the way a lot of students don't have the opportunity to join.
In Globaloria I have learned numerous resourceful things. For example I have learned how to blog, I have learned how to e-mail and add hyperlinks, pictures, videos, and music, I have learned the basic uses and configurations of Flash and Wiki/MyGlife, I have learned how to record what I've learned and last and foremost I have learned basic typing skills, independence skills, and the importance of technology.
I adore blogging! I love blogging because it gives everyone the opprotunity to express possibly everything! Anyone can sign up for a blog and everyone has the chance to write however they would have to be responsible for what they write.  s0 !F u wR!t3 t4!2 it doesn't matter.
In Globaloria we currently have an on-going challenging game design. We are called "The Good, The Bad, And You". Our game is called "The Green Effect". Now let me tell you a little about the process of our game designing. First, we had to come up with our game topic and responsibilities. Second we had brainstorm paper prototypes. ( Which was so easy - Considering that it was just ideas). During those two steps we had minor complications with people not participating and people not doing their proper responsibilities, but our team soon mended those little cracks in the road. Foremost and final we had to put our game ideas on paper. That was definitely the hardest part especially because we got a little behind because we didn't have the proper materials required for completing the project. All and all we finished and we did a wonderful presentation. The Green Effect was a great success. It was about water pollution and air pollution and I think we did pretty good for 3 levels.
In Globaloria I look forward to "creating" the game on Flash because we are pretty confident about our gaming becoming a masterpiece. However we do not expect to make it to Washington. I also look forward to learning more about and mastering Wiki and Flash. I would like to master it because I think that will the skills of such technology I could help and enters new Worlds for others.Which I probably will.
The Green Effect is focusing on air and water pollution. We choose those concepts for specific reasons.

  1. Majority of us had water pollution 
  2. Some had air pollution
  3. It wasn't very broad 
  4. It was short and sweet 
Are game ideas are coming along perfectly. At first we all had "writer's Block". We couldn't think of anything, but then something inspired us to pull it together and put as much effort and participation that we possibly contained into this one work of art. I was and still am thrilled to have such an opportunity. It is a great experience for everyone to encounter. I am thrilled because I've always played games and never thought I would be able to create one, and I am glad to be able to participate in this. For future reference if i liked making games or if it was to frustrating and complicated I will know wether to move on with gaming or stay with my current career choice. I am very ecstatic about taking such a class and thank the staff for making it possible.
                                                                     - Thanks:)

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