Friday, May 25, 2012

Forks Over Knives Flash

Forks Over Knives , documentary Flash assignment .

Globey's Article

1. What did you think about the article?
The article was humorous because of the way the author continually described us , being somewhat intelligent and how we must've worked hard .
2. How did it make you feel to read about your school and Globaloria, a program that you participate in?
I think that it's pretty cool that there are other people besides AMD and Southwest Key , that have become interested in what exactly it is that we're doing .
3. If your game was not featured in the article, what would you have liked for the author to have said? 
I suppose I would have liked him to mention , what our game was about .
4. Which game do you think the author should have mentioned in his article and why? 
I think the author should have mentioned a little of all the finalists games' because they obviously did well enough to get recognized the first .

Forks Over Knives

1 . What do you think this documentary will be about ?
I think that this documentary is going to be about healthy eating rather than eating processed foods & red meats .
2 . What do you think the title indicates or implies about the film ?
The title implicates that this documentary will try to expose people to the harsh ways of American eating .

- Average american has about 24 extra pounds
- Almost 1 in 5 american 4 year old children are considered obese
- No less than forty person of Americans are obese
- Every minute a person in the US is killed by Heart Disease
- Animal based foods , & some of the most deadliest diseases are somehow " linked "
- 2.2 million dollars is used for health care a year
- Half of Americans take prescription drugs

Monday, May 14, 2012

My Comments

Salvador & Ryan ;
The Disaster game is really good ! It actually worked throughout the entire game , which is good ! It was challenging , in a fun way . The elephants were adorable , Cx !
- So good job to the both of you ! Hope you guys win !
Good Luck , cx
Michael ;
Michael , your game is really good . The animations are pretty awesome and I like how it was a bit challenging . I also liked how you had a very unique way of portraying your learning goal , with the whole " Forest Rat " idea .
Laura ; 
As expected , your game is amazing , Laura . The maze's were definitely challenging and fun to try and beat . The animations were cute ^_^ & smooth - looking . Really good job overall with the topic , as well !

Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Top Three Choices

1. No Gang , More Maze : La Sopa , 3-lll
2. Forest Rats ; Green Bugs , 3-lll
3. Disaster : Packers , 5-ll

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Final Game

Team: The Losersss
Title of our game: Save A Kiddo
Topic: Child Abuse
Learning Goal: To help people identify the different types of child abuse and what ways the abuse can be stopped.
How will the player learn about the topic from playing your game?
The player will learn these things by reading the various facts throughout the game and answering the question appropriately. Completing the mazes also contribute to trying to figure out solutions.
What would you like to add or improve uponin your game?
I would like to possibly add more complex coding to the obstacles in the mazes. Such as, making them move more.
What was the most challenging part of creating your this game? The most challenging part of creating the game was adding the maze codes. There were SO MANY different things that have to be done in order to have the collision work for the maze walls.
What are you most proud of?

Monday, March 19, 2012


     Respect is showing someone that you care and direct your attention to them . It's treating someone with the authority and kindness they deserve .
     In the classroom's you show respect by being attentive to the teacher and showing effort in your work . In a computer lab you show respect by taking care of the equipment properly . Handling computers and accessories with efficiently . And completing all assignments on time and diligently . In the hallways , you can show respect by making sure you don't bump into people , holding the doors open , greeting people nicely and properly , and saying " excuse me " or something when needed . When visitors are present or when we are visiting , you show respect by being polite and courteous .

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hunger Games Minigame !

I created this in Flash . It's not very goood , xD
The arrow represents Katniss , The Mockingjay Pin represents the rebellion , and the Snowflake represents President Snow and the Capitol .

My Game Demo Slides

These are the Game Demo slides that I have completed .

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Notes : 2 / 23

- Intro : me , unfinished
- Team Intro ; me , Completed
- Audience : Karina , completed
- Gameplay : Alexis , completed
- Learning Goal : Karina , completed
- Fun Factor : Alexis , completed
- Smart Factor : Valerie , completed
- Style Factor : Alexis , unfinished
- Originality Factor : Valerie , unfinished

- Save alllllll files with a specified name
- Buttons on all scenes 
- Having colors that compliment & go with your " theme "
- Clear explanation for each of the scenes