Thursday, October 28, 2010

Valerie F. 12 2010

     The Age of Stupid is a documentary type film about what has happened to the Earth over the past few years. Like melting glaciers and mountains, increases of temperatures, decrease of temperatures, odd climates, sunnier summers, colder winters, etc.
     So far it has had a lot of interesting facts and predictions, that not all people would have concluded. I mean everyone is entitled to their own opinion, right?
     Overall, are planet is changing rapidly. The things we are doing everyday is changing the way of life. All the gases and harmful toxins that we release each day may result in a disaster.
     'The Age of Stupid" interviews people from various points of view. All the people have a general idea of what is to come in the future. With different things happening in different areas, everyone knows that something is really wrong here. Many people in this century have learned that in order to get something done right, have to think. Think about who and what your plan will impact. Will it help of hurt. Everyone here, no, this very moment has the ability to do anything. To learn, to help, to believe.
     It's really interesting is how FAST this planet is changing! Some people are actually just trying their best to IGNORE it, which obviously Isn't working!
     Things that we do everyday to help can change. Things that began will end. Things that matter will dissolve. Anyway or anywhere you go may change, because everything changes.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Valerie F. 11 2010

     My name is Valerie and I am a 7th grader at East Austin College Prep Academy. My topic is mining because I am interested in whats beneath the surface of the Earth and mining could be a start. Also because I'm fascinated at some things that rocks can help scientist learn and do -such as learning about the past and creating new man made objects.
     So far I have learned the basics about mining and people how mine. I've learned that people are very important becaues not many pople would put there lives at risk to try and DIG of all things. Miners can find anything from minerals to oil down there. There are many steps and safety precautions taken in order to mine. Flashlights, tool belts, special boots, water, food, anything that might be useful in a dangerous situation.
     Another reason as to why I am very interested in mining is because I know that some mining is dangerous and terrifing, but some poeple still do it. I mean, I sort of understand why because I know i'm not going to go into a mine and dig until my drill and dig and drig and dig. So someone has too! I really want to learn more a bout mining and how it works from other sources.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Valerie F. 9 2010

How to properly cite internet sources

Author, Title of Website, Web adress, or URL, Copyright date, Date you found the information.


ThinkQuest: Explorers of the Millenium.
Found October 7, 2010.

Diving Cairn
Found October 7, 2010.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Valerie F. 10 2010

Source 1
Enchanted Learning : Earth's Ocean, The Ocean
     Found on October 11, 2010

Source 2
Nautica: Ocean2Ocean     2010
     Found on October 11, 2010

Source 3
Nasa: Oceanography
     Found on October 12, 2010

Source 4
Ocean: Listening to Reefs    2010
     Found on October 12, 2010

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Valerie F. 8 2010

      Coral Reefs are located in oceans all over the world. From The Great Barrier Reef to the Pulley Ridge Reef no two are alike. With creatures sprouting from burrows and schools swimming in circles coral reefs are bound to be the most lively place.
    The ocean provides many things for different types of organisms. For example some coral reefs provide chemical compounds that be turned into medicine, they provide a home for many marine life, and they also provide food for humans and fish.
      The coral reef is a very interesting animals we have discovered at the bottom of the ocean. It really has a lot going on. With the cooperation and partnership happening with the fish we are able to have growing coral.  Coral reefs have been around for more than 50 million year - and thriving. They are a very important to the ecosystem, as well as a fascinating site to see. People come from all over the world to get a closer look at what's really there. Coral Reefs are formed by tiny animals called polyps. They work together in order to form a "skeleton" around the old coral generation after generation. Although this may sound all fine and dandy that's not what's really going on. The once colorful coral is slowly becoming a ghostly white and the fish are vanishing.
      Without the ocean and the coral many interesting organisms could be lost and the bonds and links that the oceans life once had could be disruppted. Everything is effected when something suddenly causes dispute down under. The life, the water, the people are in danger. Saltation, pollution, over-fishing, and loss of Mangroves are becoming major problems for oceans and reefs everywhere.
     Did you notice that most of those issues somehow always link back to humans? We cause pollution, we over-fish, we wipe out trees. So what can we as children and adults possibly do to improve the waters? We can do more than you think.
 We can spread awareness, we can conserve energy and water, we can plant trees,  we can reduce, reuse, and recycle, and much more. The little things that we do differently everyday can help the oceans, reefs, and the planet because every little thing counts.
     " The most important partnership the reef has is you and I " - Rusi Vulakoro 

Friday, October 1, 2010

Valerie F. 6 2010

       The two topics that I am most interested in are Oceans and Endangered Species. I choose Oceans because I think it really important to save and protects all marine life and undiscovered species. For the most part I think that almost everyone love little fishies and cute dolphins. I love whales, dolphins, clownfish and the littel obscure creatures at the botten of the ocean. They glow, they spike, they spear and hover. I think that the smaller thins are better.
     I choose Endangered Species because once again I love animals! Especially the weird ones! I just think they are so fascinating! I'm almost positive that no one really wants to lose the environment to trash, pollution, fungi, mold and disease. Which is why this is going to be my attempt at preserving wildlife and indegenous creatures on planet Earth.
     These two topics are two subjects that I think are very important to this current environment. With so many things being affected by global warming, pollution, littering and many other things what's going to happen to the life on this planet? How are we going to survive? We are going to be the ones to change that! We can change tomorrow.

Endangered Species

Valarie F. 5 2010

    Possible Game Topics

These are some game topic websites that I found on

I will begin researching diffrent topics I found on this directory to help me come up with more game ideas that I would like to focus on.

Here are some of my intrests:

     The resason why I picked Animal Aid is because believe that although animals have no way to communicate with humans they should also be given rights. Rights to be there own animals with an average happy life.
     I choose Child Labor because I'm pretty sure that's illegal here, but in 3rd World countries its not. So children are working in horrible conditions with minimum wadge. Which honsetly is stupid, greedy and wrong for managers and company owners to do.
     I liked the topic of Oceans because I really like marine life and would like to further explore te wonders of the waters. Also because I don't want to see the oceans wash away before generations after us.
     I picked endagered species because I like exotic and domestic animals. I really think that exotic animals are really fascinating in the wild. I mean there so free and pretty, but if the animals are extinct and gone forever how are others going to share an expirence of a lifetime with animals and beautiful creatures.

These are a few links from MyGLife

     Most of these topics have to do with saving planet earth form pure choas and peril. So to be sure that people know what may happen I'd like to spread awareness about whats happening and what are future may look like.
     I choose the Global Warming and littering because I really really really LOVE this earth and I don't want to either be like burned to bits or have this place trashed and dirty to the point where we like have to move to the moon or something, you know?
     I choose Water Pollution and the enviorment because I'm a really big fan of clean fresh water and if all our lakes are smoggy and dirty I con't drink pretty water!! And the enviorment becuase I'm an even bigger fan of unique creatures and again I really don't want to lose these beautiful creatures. 

Valerie F. 7 2010

     Widlife is disappering. Animals are slowly vanishing. Vegitation is slowy decreasing in numerous numebers.   Our future and World is in danger. Our world is entering the stage of peril. The obscure creatures who once inhabitated this Earth are leaving just as quickly as they came.
     Since widlife was here first I feel that it is our obligation to treat and care for these animals, because really I think it's unfair that certain animals have to adapt to diffrent ares, climate and food just because they can no longer be secure and okay in an area.
     Some animals are diapearing becuase of lack of resources, some because of poaching, some because of dieseas and some because they can not adapt to their new enviorments fast enogh. The world is changing so rapidly that the animals just can't keep up.
     So imagine putting yourself in an animals paws. Try enduring life like them. I mean how much can one person take? Let alone an animal. Something who can't communicate with humans and tell them what's  wrong. As humans it is our responsibility to understand and care for the animals as if they were humans in need, because really animals are just like me and you just without aposable thumbs. 
     Humans don't really know what the problem is exactly, but i'm sure with more studies and brainstorming we will know what wrong. There's no specific animals that isn't in danger, but some main ones people seem to be stressing over include pandas, pigs, elephants, big cats and many more smaller creatures. I think that we aren't really getting the whole idea. I mean what really is considered an important animal? All creatures are very important, but how do we decide whic animals to save first? That's one of the problems. We can't decide becuase all animals are very very very important.
     What can we do to help and SAVE them? We can do many many things. We can conserve, we can volunteer ad we can spread awareness. We can do all of these things very very easily. Everything and anything helps.
     I'm pretty sure that no one would like to lose our beautiful enviorments and organisims, but that could and may happen. So do your part and save planet Earth.