Monday, May 23, 2011

Winding Down

What is your team name ? The Kidds
What is the name of your game ? The Waves of Change
What is it about ? The Waves of change is about how the oceans rising temperatures & pollution are affecting the marine life and eventually the human race. It also about how people can come up with ways on their own that can become great solutions in the end.
What scenes have you completed ? We have completed all scenes , although there are a few things that we could of gone in and edited to make the game look more professional and presentable.
What parts of your team page are completed ? We have Game Concept, Game Demo File & Pitch, Paper Prototype, Game Design Demo and the Final Playable Game File.
How much more work do you need to complete ? We have about 3/4 of everything completed. So I would say at least 1/4 of the team page and game completion.
What can you do from now until Friday to get everything completed and turned in ? Well if we work a bit more diligently and use our time wisely, I think we can have everything completed exactly the way we want it.
What grade would you give yourself overall in Globaloria ? Overall is Globaloria I say I deserve at least an 85. Maybe lower I suppose, since I think that I could have done better with the game.
What are all of the things you have learned this year ? This year I learned how to put in more elaborate and complex coding, I learned how to be a bit more patient and I learned how to cooperate & delegate instead of trying to be a control freak.
What are you proud of in Globaloria ? I would say that I am proud of our game completion mostly. I think we did well, considering we had to cram in most lessons, but I really understood things better this year.
How can you improve next year ? We definitely have room for improvement . I think that I can work on flash designing, using my time more wisely, flash coding, and working harder to try over achieve and not do the minimum amount of work.