Friday, May 25, 2012

Globey's Article

1. What did you think about the article?
The article was humorous because of the way the author continually described us , being somewhat intelligent and how we must've worked hard .
2. How did it make you feel to read about your school and Globaloria, a program that you participate in?
I think that it's pretty cool that there are other people besides AMD and Southwest Key , that have become interested in what exactly it is that we're doing .
3. If your game was not featured in the article, what would you have liked for the author to have said? 
I suppose I would have liked him to mention , what our game was about .
4. Which game do you think the author should have mentioned in his article and why? 
I think the author should have mentioned a little of all the finalists games' because they obviously did well enough to get recognized the first .

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